How to use

How does it work

GroundK, How to Use

1Enter your start and destination address, date and time, select your car.
2We will review and inform you whether or not the booking has been confirmed.
3When your booking confirmed, you will receive the payment PIN via e-mail and make a payment.
4Once a chauffeur and vehicle has been allocated to the booking you will be sent an SMS with the chauffeur details.
5Our GroundK driver picks you up at the given location and time.
6Enjoy your ride with GroundK

How do I change or cancel

GroundK, reservation process

• Once you receive your booking reference number you can manage your bookings through our website or by calling our office at +82 2 863 3540.

• Changes to bookings are generally treated as new bookings.
• You can request to cancel through our office at +82 2 863 3540 or
• Changes or cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to scheduled pick up time to avoid fees.

How do I apply a promo code

GroundK, How to Use

You may receive discounted rates by applying your GroundK coupon during the reservation process.

• This can be done at the final step of the booking process, on the Step 4 page. Before you click on “Book This Ride” on the Step 4, simply select Promo CODE, enter your voucher code in the designated space and click CHECK.

• The final price will be adjusted accordingly.
• Coupon discounts are available through GroundK partner benefits and a variety of GroundK promotions.
• Only one coupon that offers the highest discount rate can be redeemed per reservation. Multiple discounts are not applied.
• Coupons cannot be applied after the reservation is complete.

※ If you cancel your reservation, you will still be able to use your coupon for your next reservation (as long as the expiration date has not passed)

GroundK supports a multiple of devices.

GroundK, Multiple of devices

• Google Chrome is recommended if you are using GroundK on your PC or laptop.
• IE (Internet Explorer) 10 earlier is not supported for security and smooth service.
• Google Chrome is recommended for the web browser.

Please note

How may we help you?

GroundK, we help you

General Enquiries, Quotes and Reservations
For quotes, reservations, general enquiries about your journey, charges and receipts please contact:
Tel: +82(0)2 863 3540

Sales Enquiries (Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm)
If you would like to talk to someone about opening an account please contact:
Tel: +82 (0)10 2623 3540