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Large scale events of all kinds are our specialty.

Sports Event, Board Meetings, Trade Shows and Sales Conferences, Entertainment and Formal Events

GroundK Meeting & Event

GroundK has designed and operated transportation systems for world-class, highly visible national and international events including conventions, sporting events, conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions and ready to meet the demands of your special occasion and we have the capacity to coordinate transportation logistics

We will assign you a Dedicated Event Managers and plan deliver event ground transportation for groups of all sizes. Also from ground transportation for sports event, conferences and investor meetings, to company parties and PR shoots, our events professionals understand the unique challenges of transportation planning

GroundK makes event transportation easy!

GroundK remains a company dedicated to providing the highest level of service for all our clients. Choosing us gives access to a depth of experience unmatched by any of our competitors. Selecting GroundK to plan and manage event transport eliminates all concerns about this crucial operational area.

We organize any type of transportation service from individuals to groups consisting of thousands of persons, from and to airports or railway stations, cruise ships, hotels, business site, offices and event sites. The efficiency of the service we provide is consistent, regardless of the scale of your event.

Your Dedicated event manager is available to handle the many contingencies that accompany even the most carefully executed event plan. We respond to changes as they occur to ensure flawless execution.

GroundK makes event transportation easy

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